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Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme

AIPS (Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme)

The Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme has been created to save you, the parents, money off of the purchase of a new musical instrument for their child/children. 

If you are eligible for AIPS then you may be able to SAVE the VAT off of our shop prices on a massive array of musical instruments. For more information please feel free to contact the shop on 01604 250905 or info@stgilesmusic.co.uk.
All of our instruments are checked in full by our own staff before release and can be sent to the school free of charge or collected by the parent.

AIPS applies to pupils in full-time state education who receive musical tuition at school, or in a local authority orchestra, as part of their curriculum. It enables them to purchase new instruments through the local authority.

To be eligible for the scheme the following conditions need to be met:
  • the pupil must be in full-time education at a local authority school
  • the pupil must be receiving music tuition for the instrument from a local authority engaged instrument teacher as part of the school curriculum
  • the instrument must be used by the pupil at the school or in a local authority orchestra
  • the instrument must be appropriate to the pupil’s needs
  • the instrument must be handed to the pupil in a designated teaching room, and
  • the instrument must be charged to the pupil at, or below, the VAT exclusive price paid by the local authority for its purchase.