Jupiter JCL-700 Clarinet Outfit (JCL 700 JCL700)



Jupiter JCL700S Clarinet Outfit

The Jupiter JCL700S Clarinet is an extremely popular model, with many teachers recommending it as a student clarinet that will last longer. It produces a good tone with ease, and features smooth, ergonomic key work.
  • Durable ABS plastic body in wood-matt like finish 
  • New design 0.583 (14.80mm) bore. 
  • Power forged nickel silver keys 
  • Off-set trill keys 
  • Undercut tone holes. 
  • Adjustable thumb rest 
  • Bore, tone hole and undercut is a new design for better timbre and free blowing. 
  • Register key has a natural domed cork for easier blowing in the high register. 


Brand Jupiter