Pop & Rock

Learning to play your favourite songs is easy when you've got the matching sheet music! 

Piano, Vocal & Guitar
This is the most popular format for pop sheet music. The top line follows the vocal melody of the music, and underneath that sits the piano part (sometimes this is edited and arranged if it is originally from a band). Above the three staves are the guitar chords. Sometimes they are written in letter form (eg. Gm7) or in chord box form. This is also helpful for keyboard players who can follow the melody line and the chords, and for many other instruments who may want to play along (like the ukulele, for example). 

Guitar Songbooks & TAB
Guitar sheet music comes in several formats. Standard notation is quite popular, and often has the chords along with it. Books with TAB typically have standard notation and a TAB stave that follows it, giving you the fret number and string for each note. They also often have the chords along the top of the music. The most basic form of guitar sheet music is usually found in chord books, where you get the lyrics with the chords above the words.

Easy Piano
This format usual consists of a simplified piano part, ranging from approximately grade one to grade three. In some books you will also find there are chords along the top, making them ideal for jam sessions and keyboard players.