Yamaha CLP-665 Clavinova Digital Piano (CLP 665 CLP665)

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A Clavinova with grand design; sound and appearance that will enhance any environment.
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Yamaha CLP-665 Clavinova Digital Piano


As well as offering FREE DELIVERY on all our digital piano's, we offer a variety of service levels.
Please contact us on 01604 250905 for more information.

  • Option A - Flat pack delivery, Ground floor only
  • Option B - Assembly & delivery ground floor or upstairs, On-site warranty including X-Bench (Within 100 miles of Northampton)
  • Option C - Assembly & delivery ground floor or upstairs, On-site warranty including Deluxe X-Bench (Within 100 miles of Northampton)

If you prefer the full package then have a look at our DELUXE PACKAGE *for only £85 when bought with any Cabinet Style Digital Piano. 

With an upgraded keybed - Yamaha's Graded Hammer 3X (GH3X) with Synthetic Ivory keytops and escapement give you, the player an incredibly realistic feel that recreates the sensation of playing an acoustic instrument. The GH3X keyboard has been designed to feel heavier at the lower register whilst having a lighter touch in the higher octaves. It aslo features a three-sensor configuration which recognises the behaviour of the keyboard creating a response & feel much more like that of a grand piano. 

For the first time in Clavinova, Yamaha gives you two of the worlds finest grand piano sounds. The Yamaha CFX concert grand is selected by the winner of the 2010 International Chopin Piano Competition and the Imperial from Bosendorfer, a brand held in high esteem by pianists throughout its long history. Now you can have both in the CLP665.

AND With a Grand Piano cabinet, speaker box and fantastic amplification - You cannot ask for more.
  • CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial piano samples CFX Binaural sampling
  • Improved VRM (Virtual Resonance Modelling) Smooth Release
  • Key­Off samples String Resonance Damper Resonance
  • 256­ note polyphony
  • 36 Voices
  • GH3X (Graded Hammer 3X) keyboard with synthetic ebony and ivory keytops
  • Escapement
  • 128 x 64 full dot LCD
  • Dual/Split/Duo
  • Digital effects (Reverb/Chorus/Brilliance/Effect)
  • 19 Voice Demo Songs + 50 Piano Songs* + 303 Lesson Songs (*The Clavinova comes with a book of music scores) 20 rhythms
  • 16­track recording
  • USB Audio Recorder (Playback/Recording: WAV)
  • Dual headphone jacks
  • (25 W + 10 W) x 2 amplifiers
  • (16 cm + 5 cm) ×2 speaker system
  • Speaker Box
  • Acoustic Optimiser
  • Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC)
  • Stereophonic Optimiser
  • Music braces
  • Built­in Bluetooth for wireless connection to iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android


Brand Yamaha


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